Hossein Kazemi

Hossein Kazemi



determine whether the completion technology used in shale reservoirs would benefit hydrocarbon produciton from low- permeability sandstones. This project is of great interest to me because both shale and tight sandstone reservoirs have very low permeabilities; otherwise, there are significant differences in stratigraphy, pore structure, hydrocarbon source, and migration.

HK, his wife Bonnie at Aspen Mountain for the 50th wedding anniversary

I enjoyed the summer break immensely because I could spend quality time on topics of interest to me. Working with my students in the summer was also satifying because we focused on research without worrying about classroom lectures and homework. Here is the story of the last twelve months:

Travel: In the last week of May, I attended a SPE workshop on liquid-rich shale reservoirs in Sonoma, California. Two CSM colleagues (Professor Hoffmann and Yin) and I presented talks. This was my first trip to California’s beautiful vinyards. In the second week of June, my wife and I visited my family in Paris, France. The weather was very pleasant which allowed us to walk for pleasure, shopping and dining. Finally, in the last week of July, Bonnie and I traveled to Seeley Lake, Montana for our annual family visit and the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary. The next week we celebrated the event at Aspen Mountain (Picture1).

Academics: In addition to research activity, I supervised twelve PhD graduate students and taught three graduate courses (reservoir simulation, compositional modeling, fractured reservoirs). My research interests revolved around production enhancement both in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. For instance, I worked with students on the role of low salinity on wettability alteration in carbonate cores, and studied the role of salinity contrast in generating osmotic pressure to displace oil from shale core plugs. In the uncoventional area, I worked on oil production data from Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Niobrara wells. Two of my students and I continued our involvement with a project on wet-gas production from the low-permeability Lance formaiton in Jonah field, Wyoming. The objective of this project was to

HK Soccer Team

Entertainment: I love sports and summer is often a wonderful time for watching great international competition. This year I watched the NBA championship series (not that exciting) and the soccer world cup in Brazil (very exciting). Also, my twin granddaughters came to see us in late July. Both play soccer and are avid skiiers. Thus, I spent a few days playing soccer with them and walking along the golf course in the evenings (Picture 2). I hope to see them play for CSM in the near future! Finally, I had to say good bye to my soccer team (Picture 3).

HK with twin granddaughters on Castle Pines golf course

New Academic Year: As for the new school year (2014- 2015), I look forward to teaching, working with students, colleagues, and our sponsors. Lots of new and exciting projects are on the horizon, which I hope to materilize.