Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 15

Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 15



This was organized by Brooking Institute in Washington D.C. These international workshops and training sessions, whether they are held abroad or in the US, allow me to meet many colleagues who are passionate about learning US experience in unconventional resources, and as an academician, it is very satisfying to bring our expertise where it is needed for the energy security of many nations in the world.

Our guest lecturer Dr. David Yale together with the students after his presentation at my Unconventional Geomechanics class in March, 2014

Several attendees of UNGI-UGTEP Training session in July, 2014 with Dr. Weimer, Dr. Kazemi and Dr. Tutuncu at the Turkey Creek outcrop near

Morrison, Colorado

Another unconventional related training program at UNGI is our TOPCORP Regulatory training program. It is being developed in collaboration with Penn State and the University of Texas and supports the rapidly growing shale natural gas and oil development industry to serve our communities in environmentally friendly and safe unconventional shale gas and oil production opportunities. Late August, the Module I and II Pilots were held on the Mines campus, and this June, Dr. Linda Battalora and I taught the Module III program pilot at Penn State University. We have made solid progress in this online program, considering that it was not even planned when TOPCORP was first funded. The pilots for the Modules I, II and III, along with adjoining geology and engineering field trips, have so far provided us with valuable feedback for customizing the curriculum to the needs of regulatory agencies and policy makers. Many thanks to our sponsors ExxonMobil and GE Oil and Gas for their continued support. I would also like to thank the Oil and Gas Commissions in the three states where the universities are located, Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, Department of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania and Texas Rail Road Commission for their time and collaboration with us to make the TOPCORP program a success. We also appreciate Noble Energy and Anadarko Colorado’s Niobrara Asset groups for allowing us to visit their Niobrara wells and production facilities as part of the engineering field trips for the TOPCORP and UNGI-UGTEP training programs. We look forward to further cooperation for the TOPCORP and UNGI-UGTEP programs, as well as our graduate and undergraduate classes and research projects at Mines.

Thanks to all of our UNGI consortia and TOPCORP sponsors and attendees, Department of States, inventive students, and UNGI faculty members for their contributions to our research and training programs. I look forward to continuing our collaboration to unlock the unconventional resources around the globe as a means for the energy security of many nations. I hope to do this with superior science and technology projects completed in an environmentally sensitive and socially responsible fashion.

Azra Tutuncu August, 2014

Several US speakers at the Regional Unconventional Gas Technology Workshop in June, 2014 in Hanoi. From left to right- Paul Ghiotto, Barclay Nicholson, Azra

Tutuncu, Gerry Baker, Ramona Graves and Joe Figueiredo