Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 2

Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 2

D R . O K Z A N C O N T.

geomechanics of unconventional reservoirs, EOR applications in tight unconventional reservoirs, CO2 sequestration, and innovations in drilling and completions, have already received respect from the engineering and scientific communities. We are up to the challenge of becoming a research powerhouse serving, not only today but also the future of the petroleum engineering and science.

search to fill two newly established faculty positions. To identify highly qualified candidates, we will need the help of our alumni, friends, and industry supporters.

Thanks for your continuing support and please stay in touch.

I am proud to report that Teaching Associate Professor Dr. Carrie McClelland has received the SPE Innovative Teaching Award for her dedication to the profession of engineering education. I also want to congratulate Teach Associate Professor, Dr. Linda Battalora for receiving the SPE Technical Award for Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility. Furthermore, Dr. Jennifer Miskimins, an alumnus and part-time member of our faculty, will be recognized as the recipient of the SPE Completions Optimization and Technology Award at the SPE ATCE in Amsterdam this year.

Finally, before concluding, I would like to thank Dr. William Fleckenstein for serving as the Interim Department Head for the past two years. Because of his efforts, we have seamlessly fulfilled our commitment to excellence in teaching and research and actively pursued several important outreach opportunities. My primary task will be to lead the search process to fill the “Mick” Merelli/Cimarex Energy Distinguished Department Head Chair position. We will also be conducting another

Erdal on Inaca Island, Mozambique, in late August, smiling not knowing that he would be asked to step up to take the interim department head

responsibility in less than a week



Grandma and Oliver

Fall of 2014 is the beginning of my third year as Dean of the College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering (CERSE). A little refresher – CERSE consists of the departments of Mining Engineering, Geology and Geological Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geophysics, Economics and Business and Liberal Arts and International Studies. Also included in the CERSE team is the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS). CGS has now successfully been transferred to Mines and we have recently hired a new State Geologist. A few statistics about CERSE: 27% of Mines undergraduate students (34% increase), 45% of Mines graduate students (20% increase), 34% of Mines faculty (8% increase), and 37% of 2014 Mines research awards (75% increase ). All of these statistics confirm that the traditional departments at CSM which built our reputation are stronger than ever! How fortunate I am to have led one amazing department, PE, and now have another amazing group of academics to lead! Some days I miss the daily interaction with the PE faculty and students but since my office suite is in Marquez Hall, I still see everyone pretty regularly. However with all the great accomplishments of PE, CERSE, and Mines, the accomplishment that I am most thrilled about (and take complete credit for!) is my grandson Oliver (he is really Lacey’s greatest accomplishment!). I think he looks like me or maybe it is just the red hair! Stop by any time and we’ll catch up.