PE Office Staff

PE Office Staff



Another year has flown by! With the PE enrollment growing every year, we are busier than ever.

We sent 260 students, faculty,

staff and teaching assistants

to four different places for

the PEGN 315 Field Session.

Denise traveled with the

Denver/Midland group. Terri

decided to forgo the field

Denise and AJ’s mother celebrating session this year and travel

his graduation with her daughter Kathryn,

who was studying abroad. They traveled in Spain, Portugal and the Swiss Alps. It was an awesome adventure with many new experiences, but

she was sad she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to the 2014 graduating class.

We also want to welcome Emilia Clayton as the newest member of our staff in Petroleum Engineering. She started working at Colorado School of Mines in spring 2014. She is working across five research groups and is responsible for finance and research administration. She moved to Colorado from Chicago where she was employed for 10 years by the Illinois Institute of Technology as a Research and Budget Manager. Emilia loves camping, traveling and adventures with her family. She lived in Chicago for 12 years but is originally from Poland and accustomed to great skiing and is excited to restart her hobby as soon as this winter! Her husband is a geologist from North Carolina. Her son loves to do everything and anything outdoors so the sky is the limit.

We wish the best and always encourage you to stop by the office when you are on campus.

Terri and Kathryn in Sentra, Portugal

The newest PE staff member,

Emilia Clayton


1st Row-Luis Zerpa, Ramona Graves, Linda Battalora, Hazim Abass. 2nd Row- Bill Eustes, Carrie McClelland, Ronny Pini, Mark Miller, Tom Bratton,

Xiaolong Yin, Erdal Ozkan, Al Sami, Azra Tutuncu, Will Fleckenstein, Mansur Ermila, Hossein Kazemi (On Sabbatical- Manika Prasad, Yu Shu-Wu)