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competed against 32 teams from around the world and, once again, defeated the entire field to take home the international championship PetroBowl trophy. This year’s ATCE will be held in Amsterdam. We are helping 55 of our members, including a capable new PetroBowl team, travel to the upcoming conference. Our strong showing at ATCE is a continuing source of pride for our entire organization.

Orediggers enjoy the Field Day activities at E-Days.


It seems pretty unbelievable that we have been in Marquez Hall for two whole years. How the time has flown! Since then, the department has grown a great deal. Obviously everyone is realizing that Petroleum Engineering is the place to be.

My name is Hannah Madden,

and I am the current chapter

president of Pi Epsilon Tau. It

is such an honor to be a part

Hanna Madden of this organization which

represents the Petroleum Engineering Honor Society for Colorado School of Mines. Pi Epsilon Tau was started at the University of Oklahoma in 1947, and our CSM chapter was founded in 1983. We are a group that represents both graduate and undergraduate students who showcase not only high academic standards, but also high leadership and integrity principles. Pi Epsilon Tau is dedicated to enhancing student involvement on campus, in industry, and in the community. Our group conducts and participates in different events each year such as Castle of Cans as well as Discover and Preview Mines. Each spring we hold an initiation event where we welcome the newly selected students to the organization.

Throughout the year we had great success in giving tours of Marquez Hall during the Discover and Preview Mines events held on campus. It is such a great opportunity to be able to interact with high school students and explain our interest in the oil and gas industry. We spoke with prospective students and their families from all over the country about

what Petroleum Engineering is really all about, and answered many sometimes difficult questions about the business.

Although Discover and Preview Mines are the biggest events we participate in for the Petroleum Department, Pi Epsilon Tau also partakes in other events on and off campus. Castle of Cans (a school-wide food drive) was a great opportunity for our organization to give back to the community. We also held a shop tour at Well Master Corporation, a local oil and gas company specializing in plunger lift. It was a fun and educational opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry and learn about their operations.

During the spring, we initiated an amazing 97 new members to Pi Epsilon Tau, all notable representatives of the Petroleum Engineering Department. And as always, it was a pleasure to welcome our esteemed faculty to the ceremony. We also had pins created for the members of Pi Epsilon Tau; they turned out great and will undoubtedly serve to be long time keepsakes. In fact, we had a lot of interest in the pins from alumni at the Career Fairs. It was great to see so many successful Pi Epsilon Tau graduates.

I would also like to thank our whole officer team from last year for all of their help and dedication in advancing our Pi Epsilon Tau Chapter to where it is today. I’m very excited for everything this year has in store, and I know it will be a successful one. Our newly elected officer team consists of some dedicated engineers: Daniel Fullerton, Tyler Barela, Jordan Tucker, Cooper Minetti, Trey Sloan, and Matt Balderston. We are also excited to welcome back Dr. Miller as the faculty advisor to Pi Epsilon Tau. His input the past two semesters has been invaluable, and with his help I believe the organization can do some truly great things this year. I would like to end with a huge thanks to the whole Petroleum