Field Session PEGN 315 - Denver/Midland Texas

Field Session PEGN 315 - Denver/Midland Texas



The Denver / Midland group has 44 students and was managed by Manika, Denise, and myself. We had three graduate teaching assistants: Matt Herzog, Lei Wang, and Binh Bui. David Buorquin, Shea Boynton, and Daniel Chase served as our backup drivers. The first week was spent in the Denver area, and we visited the Edgar Experimental Mine, Halliburton, QEP Resources, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Anardarko, and Evraz’s Seamless Pipe Mill in Pueblo. In the second week, we visited Chevron, Pioneer, Devon , and Oxy in Midland, Texas. We had great times with all the places that we visited. We are thankful for the support from all the companies and alumni that made the trip possible. We also thank the teaching assistants and backup drivers for their great service to the faculty and students.

great opportunity to observe the complexity of the underground formation in situ.

The summer field session started with a winter storm. On Monday morning, everything outside was white. We had to cancel the trip to the Edgar Experimental Mine in Idaho Springs due to the wintery driving conditions up I-70. In the afternoon, we visited the Halliburton Service Facilities in Fort Lupton. The facility is in the Northeast suburb of Denver, and is a short 40-minute drive from Golden. We watched the demonstration of fracturing fluids, looked at the pumping trucks in the yard, and saw a great short video of an aerial panoramic view of a fracturing site, taken by a drone.

Mine Manager Matt Schreiner giving lecture to the students

We left the Edgar Mine at about 10:30 and headed to the light rail station. We then took the light rail to downtown Denver. The destination for the afternoon was QEP Resources’ headquarter. QEP Resources is a leading independent oil and gas producer. After the CEO’s greeting to the students, a very nice lecture was prepared to give the students a full exposure to the various components of Petroleum Exploration and Production (E&P). After the lecture, several Mines’ alumni came and shared their work experiences with the students.

Halliburton’s Sand Castle in the yard of the Fort Lupton Facility

Tuesday, May 13: In the morning, the group visited the Edgar Mine in Idaho Spring. The mine is operated by the Mining Engineering Department of the Colorado School of Mines. It no longer makes ores, but is a great site for education, practices, and, of course, visitors that are curious about rock formations and mining operations. The manager, Matt Schreiner gave us a tour of the mine and introduced to us the impact drilling equipment, blasting faces, horizontal and vertical shafts, and their functions. Though not a reservoir, the Edgar Mine is a

Lecture held by QEP Resources

Wednesday, May 14: We visited the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, which is a 10-minute drive from Mines. NREL has extensive research in all aspects of renewable energy and has close research connections with the Colorado School of Mines. Specifically, faculty in the Petroleum