Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 28

Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 28



Engineering Department have been involved in several drilling and reservoir studies of enhanced geothermal systems.

NREL’s energy systems integration facility won 2014 R&D 100 Lab of the Year.

Thursday, May 15: We spent a wonderful day with Anardarko . The activities started in the morning with a full lecture on field development in the Wattenberg field. Following the presentations, we went north of Boulder and looked at the Wattenberg outcrops on the road side of US 36. After a picnic lunch, we drove east into the Wattenberg field and looked at the drilling and fracturing operations.

PE Alum Ryan Helmer (center, talking) introducing the students

to the Wattenberg field

Friday, May 16: Evraz is a US steel manufacturer that makes flat, long, and tubular products. Its seamless pipe mill in Pueblo makes tubular goods that are used in the petroleum industry. We visited the mill in the morning. The manufacturing process takes the steel billets, heated and then pierced them to make seamless tubing. It is a great showcase of *how things are made* and how the petroleum industry works with other industry in developing the tools of trade.

Ever started the field session in the snow? - Geared up for the Edgar Mine