Field Session PEG 315 - Houston

Field Session PEG 315 - Houston


PEGN 315 FIELD SESSION - HOUSTON By Joe Chen – Lab Coordinator

I had the great opportunity to travel to Houston and really most of Texas this year for PEGN 315 field session. We had a great bunch of students getting a comprehensive introduction to the petroleum industry. The field session was organized and lead by Professor Erdal Ozkan. We had a total of 53 students and 7 graduate students that served as Teaching Assistants. The TAs challenged the students with great questions and answered many questions to help the undergraduates understand what goes on in the field. The group consisted of Lia Rojas, Wisam Asirri, Samat Bekov, Murat Syzdykov, and Hulya Sarak.

We started the trip on Tuesday with a visit to Marathon Oil Corporation . We were graciously hosted by Mines alumn, Basak Kurtoglu. She and four other Mines alumni shared their experiences working for Marathon Oil and careers after graduation. In the afternoon we toured the Energy Museum courtesy of Marathon Oil. We got to see a lot of exhibits showing the different tools, rigs, and equipment used in the petroleum industry.

On Thursday morning we visited H&P Rigs . We were shown how their rigs are manufactured and their influence on the drilling industry. The biggest impression made on the students were the Flex 3 rig that the students got to climb up and down. After a pizza lunch we drove six hours to Ozona, TX in preparation for our tour of BHP and the Permian region.

Friday morning we drove 2.5 hours to the BHP facilities located in West Pecos, TX. After an orientation and safety meeting we drove to several of their drilling operations and toured their facilities. The students got their first taste of drilling operations. It was a long day to say the least but was well worth it.

Wednesday, we visited Baker Hughes and toured the Hughes-Christensen Drill Bit Manufacturing and Testing Center in the Woodlands. The students were able to get a firsthand look at the different types drill bits used and how they are made. They also had a nice collection of the history and evolution of drill bits on display in their lobby. In the afternoon we visited Schlumberger’s Rosharon facility where the students got a great education in shaped charges. They learned orientation (phasing), shot density, wiring, and penetration effects. The group was on hand when one of the charges went off in their testing facility.

Students relaxing at the Alamo

Group photo in front of a Flex 3 Rig at H&P