Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 37

Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 37



Enjoying the scenery, the wildlife, and the weather (which was much nicer this

year) in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Seeing the area geology…

Dinner at the Casper Petroleum Club

PEGN 316 Field Session II - MASSADONA By Mark Miller

News Flash: When it is to their benefit, students read faculty email. A late snow storm caused poor mountain driving conditions for this year’s first session. For safety reasons, Dean Graves and Department Head Fleckenstein decided to delay field session by a day. An email was sent to students informing of the delay. If it had been an email in the middle of the semester, talking about an assignment, innumerable excuses would have been given as to why they didn’t get or read the email. Miraculously, not one student showed up early. It was probably a good thing. By the time they arrived the wind had died down and the snow around the cabins had melted or blown away. Because the faculty and TA’s arrived early, the students also lucked out as we did a lot of the camp setup that they would have done. The weather warmed up very quickly after the rough start. In fact, while the first session rafting trip is frequently cold and sometimes miserably cold, this year it turned out to be warmer than the second and third sessions.

We had industry supported geology help again this year, John Detring and Nick Nelson. We thank Microseismic Inc and Samson Resources, respectively, for allowing their much appreciated week long participation. Three of the TAs, Talgat Kosset, Kenny Rennick, and geologist Mitch Weller were out there for six weeks. Rounding out this year’s TA participation are Blakley Farrow, Evan Jones, Darkhan Maulimgazy, Chris McCullagh, Bryan McDowell, David Thul, and Jianqiao Wang.

Yes, I did say third session. Miners inhabited Massadona for six weeks this year. Like last year, Mansur Ermila helped me with the first session. He also helped Todd Hoffman with the second session. Luis Zerpa and I finished with final session.

Dr. Ermila taking some notes