Hazim Abass, Dr. Linda Ann Battalora

Hazim Abass, Dr. Linda Ann Battalora



My Family

We meet again, Colorado School of Mines. Throughout my career years, I would have never imagined to be back at the very university that helped me and my family in making my dreams reality. This time I am not a newlywed



through the doors with unanswered questions. I now join the university as a grandfather, professor, and FAST research director at the Petroleum Engineering Department.

Starting from Iraq and forming a circle around the globe to return once again to CSM, I could not be more thrilled to share with my students the knowledge and experiences I have gained throughout the main stations of my career’s endeavors. Starting from Babylon Iraq, The Cradle of Civilization where I was born, I received my BS in PE from the University of Baghdad. My father advised me to never stop seeking higher education and to engrave his point he said “I would even sell my jacket for you to get a Ph.D.” This pearl of wisdom became the source of my thirst for knowledge that eventually persuaded me to pursue my graduate program here at Mines. With the help of my advisor, Dr. D.M. Bass, I earned my Ph.D., and with the help of Dr. Craig Van Kirk, I obtained legal papers to work and eventually became a citizen of the USA.

work, for 8 years, at the Halliburton Research Center applying the knowledge I acquired at CSM. A new opportunity took my family, now with another daughter, Sarah, to Caracas, Venezuela where I was assigned at the Research Center of PDVSA in Los Teques. Expanding upon my school education and professional experience, I was blessed to absorb a new language and international views on all aspects; technical, social, and philosophical.

After 5 years, a new career adventure came my way. My family and I moved to Saudi Arabia where I eventually became a senior consultant and the unconventional- resources Focus Area Champion at the Advanced Research Center (ARC) of Saudi Aramco. I will be forever grateful to the intangible wisdom absorbed from my time with Saudi Aramco. The ARC was the nest to lay research ideas to grow and be ready to fly for field implementations.

Now I have closed yet another chapter in my life and I am ready to begin another. I am eager to pass on all the knowledge, I have accumulated over the years, with the students and to enjoy watching them succeed. I owe my mentors carrying their message in transmitting knowledge and wisdom- I am ready to give back to the university I graduated from.

After achieving the goal of the honor mission at CSM, my wife, my little girl Rhea and I landed in Duncan, Oklahoma to

A CSM student with daughter and later with her daughter


Time flies! We started our third academic year in our beautiful building, Marquez Hall. This semester I am teaching PEGN681 Petroleum Seminar and two sections of PEGN310 Petroleum Reservoir Fluids along with Dr. Xiaolong Yin. Last spring Dr. Mark Miller, our colleagues from the Geological and Geophysical Engineering Departments and I taught the PEGN439 Multidisciplinary Engineering capstone course with a focus on unconventional reservoirs. Additionally, I taught Environmental Law for both the Petroleum Engineering Department and the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department (CEE) and was the Department Coordinator for our four PEGN315 Field Sessions. In May, I graduated with my Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering, and led a group of 56 students to Southern California and Bakersfield on the annual California PEGN315 Field Session. Most of my summer was spent writing manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals along with hiking and camping.

Dr. Linda Ann Battalora

I continue to serve in a variety of capacities with the Society of Petroleum Engineers International (SPE): Faculty Advisor to the CSM SPE Student Chapter, Board Member of the SPE Denver Section, member of the Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility (HSSE- SR) Advisory Board, SPE Sustainability Task Force, 2015 HSSE-SR Americas Conference Health