Dr. McClelland

Dr. McClelland



Entertainment: I love sports and summer is often a wonderful time for watching great international competition. This summer I enjoyed the soccer EuroCup in France, and I look forward to the summer olympics in Brazil.

are on the horizon. Specifically, I look forward to the 2016 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Dubai.

A highpoint of the summer events was attending Mines Athletics Auction in late May. In the picture, my wife is holding the Women Championship Cup that our CSM women soccer team earned by finishing 1st place in the league. Dr. John Wright and his lovely wife Jane were with us for that great and fun evening.

Now, a humerous story: I played in a soccer tournament in mid-July to prove to myself that I was still energetic enough to continue teaching!

New Academic Year: As for the new school year (2016- 2017), I look forward to teaching, working with students, colleagues and our sponsors. Lots of new and exciting projects

At CSM Fund Raising for CSM Great Athletes. From left to right: Dr. John

Wright, Jane Wright, Bonnie Kazemi, and H. Kazemi


My other great adventure was to participate in our 316 field session. Historically, I have led our sophomore students on a tour of the industry. This year I accompanied the juniors on their geologically focused session in the beautiful (at least I think it’s beautiful…) northwestern corner of Colorado. As a child I was a rock hound and have always loved geology, so this session was a pure joy for me. What a great place to allow students to see the rocks that oil and gas are being extracted from and to learn in a hands-on manner.

Dr. Carrie McClelland

Even though I am no longer one of the younger, newer members of the faculty, there are still new adventures every year. This year my adventures included venturing into some cross-disciplinary research and finally experiencing Massadona. I have been working with faculty in the Liberal Arts and International Studies department developing ways to best integrate social responsibility into our curriculum. As you know, all of the technical knowledge our students attain is no good if they don’t also maintain the social license to operate. It’s our goal to help students think about this and learn engagement approaches before they are on the job and find themselves in challenging positions. This work will continue for at least a couple more years.

I continue to travel a lot both for conferences and personal fun. This year I had the amazing opportunity to travel with the older ladies in my family through Italy, to haul a soccer team across the Midwest to Minneapolis, and to savor our annual trip to Lake Powell.

I hope that this year has been a good one for you. As always, if you are in Golden, please stop by to say hello!

Hiking through Skull creek in Massadona.