Dr. Tutuncu

Dr. Tutuncu



It has been another

remarkable year for UNGI.

We have continued to

work toward solving key

challenges by providing

solutions such as designing,

building and operating



assemblies, and creating

Dr. Tutuncu at the GE Oil and in-house coupled models

Gas Learning Center in Florence, Italy. capturing


solutions. One of the unique experimental systems is the patent pending true triaxial measurement assembly that is on loan to UNGI from Geomechanics Engineering & Research, PLLC. The lateral stresses are applied using hydraulic pressure, thus replacing the conventional metal plates typically implemented in other polyaxial cells. Resistivity, directional ultrasonic velocities, and permeability have also been coupled to the geomechanical measurements making the device a fully coupled testing system to obtain novel correlations between these measured quantities, eliminating heterogeneity as it allows simultaneous measurements of single cylindrical sample for multiple parameters.

Our novel experimental and modeling studies have already helped us to conduct customized fracturing fluid and proppant use in the Eagle Ford, Bakken, Niobrara and Vaca Muerta formations, contributing to environmentally safe operations without any “induced seismicity” risk in successful field applications. We are continuing to share our unique dataset and predictive coupled models as fast as our sponsor proprietary agreements allow us to publish. Clean energy resources, such as geothermal energy applications in utilizing shale technologies and deepwater exploration and production are also among projects that are starting to keep us occupied at UNGI.

Huang and Sebastian Ramirez. Congratulations to all of our graduates for their well-deserved degrees and I would like to thank them for their contributions toward our research and improving our understanding of unconventional reservoir dynamics through their experimental and modeling studies. Xiexiaomeng (Jack) Hu (MS), Theerapat Suppachoknirun (MS), Aidil Adham (MS), Ali Albinali (PhD) and Benjamin Zeidman (PhD) have also successfully defended their theses. Please visit our UNGI website (http://ungi.mines.edu) to meet our new team members, their projects and all UNGI Alumni.

Jennifer Curnow and Dr. Binh Bui presentated their research at the SEG Annual Meeting in New Orleans, followed by the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing meeting in January. Jack and Theerapat each presented papers at the 50th US Rock Mechanics/ Geomechanics Symposium. Dr. Daisuke Katsuki presented UNGI research at the URTeC meeting in San Antonio in early August. The three papers presented at URTeC provide a small window into our unique experimental and modeling capabilities. A full list of the UNGI publications can be reviewed at http://ungi.mines.edu/publications.html.

UNGI and ARMA Lunch and Learn sessions continue to bring distinguished speakers including Dr. Olusanmi Olatunde Emmanuel of BG Americas on “Marcellus Shale Reservoir Characteristics”, Hal Macartney of Pioneer Natural Resources on “Raton Basin Oil and Gas Operations and the Role of Geothermal Anomaly on Induced Seismicity Events” and Dr. Jon McKenna of Microseismic Inc. on “Using Depletion-Zone Microseismicity to Understand Producing Volumes”.

ARMA CSM Student Chapter organized a field trip to San Juan Basin fractured formation outcrops outside San Ysidro, New Mexico in the Fall 2015 semester. The funding for

Anton Padin and Binh Bui were being hooded at the Spring commencement

and joined the ranks of UNGI Alumni.

I am happy to inform you of our new UNGI PhDs Adel Alqahtani, Binh Bui, Anton Deben Padin, Nishant Kamath, Jesse Hampton and new MS degrees, Andrew Rixon, Jingwei


Adel Alqahtani, an UNGI PhD celebrating with the other

December 2015 graduates.

http://ungi.mines.edu http://ungi.mines.edu/publications.html