Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 15

Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 15



ARMA and UNGI student activities, including the field trip, was provided by Shell, ExxonMobil and Chevron foundation funds. Special thanks to John Lorenz and Scott Cooper of Fracture Studies LLC for their time and guiding the students during the field trip.

The software licenses and guidance from our collaborative educational program partners Schlumberger, Golder Associates, CMG, Ikon and Drilling Info are appreciated for the software access in the geomechanics classes, and for the UNGI research projects.

The 4th UNGI – UGTEP workshop for our Department of State Unconventional Gas Technology Engagement Program (UNGI-UGTEP) was held this summer with participants from Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa, with a focus on identifying and safely developing their resources with the best technologies. Paul Hueper, director of the ENR program at the Department of State, also joined us and opened the workshop with an excellent informative presentation. The last half day of the workshop was dedicated to a Government- Industry-Academia Collaboration Forum where we had distinguished speakers from several organizations share their experiences with the participants. We enjoyed hearing the presentations by Sarah Sandberg, COO of Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, Cindy Beeler, Energy Advisor for EPA Region 8, Margaret Ash, Manager of the Field Inspection Unit of COGCC, Stuart Ellsworth, Engineering Manager of COGCC, Robert Williams of USGS National Earthquake Center in Golden, David Neslin, former COGCC director and Partner - Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP and Dr. Luka Powanga, Professor of Economics in Regis University.

jointly established program between Colorado School of Mines, Penn State and the University of Texas for enhancing the communication between government regulatory agencies and the oil industry. TOPCORP aims to provide energy needs to future communities by developing these vast resources with environmental sensitivity in mind. The online program has been quite well received and attended by regulators and policy makers from 20 oil producing US states as well as Alberta, Canada with a long waiting list for future classes. We are indebted to our sponsors ExxonMobil, GE Oil and Gas and Environmental Defense Fund for their funding and support. Continuing support from Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, Department of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania and Texas Rail Road Commission, as well as IOGCC, are also recognized and highly appreciated for the national success of the TOPCORP program.

Our collaboration with GE Oil and Gas has reached a new level with participation from faculty of CSM, PSU and UT faculty in their bi-annual training events. The TOPCORP online program was invited to be a small section of GE Oil and Gas training program at their Florence Learning Center in Italy. The trial was quite successful and we received an invitation to offer a 3-day course in Florence twice a year.

On behalf of UNGI, I would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Noble Energy, Anadarko, Colorado Niobrara Asset group, CalFrac Services, Burlington Resources, PDC Energy and K. P. Kauffman company for allowing our visits to their Niobrara well operations and production facilities throughout the semester with classes, the UNGI UGTEP and TOPCORP training program participants.

The US unconventional technical and regulatory training I look forward to our ongoing collaboration during the new program (TOPCORP) at UNGI is continuing to blossom with academic year and also invite new members to our consortia the completed online version of the course. TOPCORP is a for enriching our learning together.

Dr. Tutuncu at the SPE CSM Student Chapter and SPE Denver Section Joint meeting in Friedhoff Hall with UNGI graduate students Bryan McDowell,

Dina Hegazy, Jessica Iriarte, Nick Fetta, Bihn Bui and Olawale Adekunle.