Dr. Winterfeld, PE Office Staff

Dr. Winterfeld, PE Office Staff



We have been working on the DOE sponsored carbon storage project, “Quantitative Characterization of Impacts of Coupled Geomechanics and Flow on Safe and Permanent Geological Storage of CO 2 in Fractured Aquifers,” for over a year now. This project is concerned with the likelihood of sequestered CO 2 escaping through faults or fractures in the caprock that overlays the saline storage aquifer. We are well on our way to developing an enhanced version of our geomechanical formulation to simulate these effects. In addition, we have been doing extensive laboratory work measuring the relevant rock properties for this process, and studying how rocks fracture under the appropriate conditions by blasting them apart with pressurized brine and super critical CO 2 .

Dr. Winterfeld tidying up after a snowstorm wreaked havoc in his front yard.

This past year has had its share of exciting developments in Energy Modeling Group (EMG) research.

The second phase of the project for CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) to develop a simulator coupling reservoir flow and hydraulic fracturing is underway. We are working non-stop to add advancements to the numerical models as well to develop a graphical user interface and the ability to simulate hydraulic fracturing in real time.



The office staff has gone through a lot of changes this year as we transitioned into new roles and brought in new people. The PE staff veterans are still around, as Joe and Al oversee the research and teaching labs respectively, but Denise has transitioned back to being the Research Administrator and keeping all the grad students in line, while Terri has now transitioned to being the Undergraduate Program Manager. She is excited to be working directly with all the PE students and her new office is just down the hall from the PE office (MZ 223). If you are on campus stop by and say hi.

Be sure to introduce yourself to our new office staff on your way to visit with Terri. Debra Marrufo has taken over Terri’s old role as the department Administrative Assistant, Rachel McDonald is the new Program Assistant and Fiscal Manager, and Kayla Boster is the Program Manager. Debra was once a safety inspector for oil rigs in Colorado, while Rachel used to work for a textbook publisher and Kayla was working on campus with ORA. They bring new skills and much needed assistance to help the hundreds of PE students. They are very excited to be a part of the department and look forward to forging their own ties with students, faculty and alumni.

PE Office Staff (Left to Right) Rachel McDonald, Terri Snyder,

Denise Winn-Bower, Al Sami, Debra Marrufo, Joe Chen