Special Programs - Chevron Short Course, Special Programs - Externship Session

Special Programs - Chevron Short Course, Special Programs - Externship Session



One of the ways the PE department addressed the current industry downturn was to offer a series of short courses in the spring of 2016. The Chevron Short Course Series in Petroleum Engineering equipped our graduates with key technical and employable skills to make them able and agile engineers who are knowledgeable in modern technologies, proficient in the use of conventional and contemporary techniques and tools, and progressive and adaptable to dynamic conditions and challenges of the oil industry.

The short courses were one or two day courses which had around 30-60 students attend each time. The courses were given by industry-recognized experts on the following topics:

CMG Training, Dr. Yu-Shu Wu (CSM) ; Fracture Design, Dr. Jennifer Miskimins (CSM); Production Data Analysis, Dr. Dilhan Ilk (DeGolyer and MacNaughton); Oil and Gas Transport, Dr. Cem Sarica (University of Tulsa); Introduction to Big Data Analytics, Dr. Srikanta Mishra (Battelle); ARIES Software Training, Dustin Simmons (Landmark/Halliburton); and Sucker Rod Pumping Fundamentals, Thomas J. Van Akkeren.

Upon completion of the short course, the students received a certificate of completion as well as additional skills, knowledge, and training to put on their resume.


and trained on industry software packages. Deliverables varied between the externships but included weekly updates, final written reports, and final presentations. Several representatives of the companies that sponsored the externships, both monetarily and with data, attended the final presentations. The students also received a certificate of completion that they participated in this summer program.

Students performing production records research at the

COGCC in downtown Denver.

With the current struggles that our industry faces, the number of students that received company internships this year was down from past summers. Since an internship is such an important aspect of a future engineer’s education, the department hosted “externships” this summer. The intent was to provide students with an experience similar to what they’d get during a traditional summer internship. The externships ran for five weeks, from July 11th to August 12th, as full time operations. Three tracks were available – hydraulic fracturing treatment design, drilling and production data analytics, and enhanced oil recovery. In total, 54 students participated in the externships. Most of the students will be seniors this coming fall, with some brave juniors and even a few graduate students joining the groups. Eight faculty members and ten graduate student mentors were also involved.

The department could not have provided this opportunity without the generous support of numerous companies and individuals. Donations to fund the associated costs were provided by BHP Billiton, Chevron, Mr. Robert Howard (PE ’56), and Whiting Petroleum. Additionally, the following companies/entities provided actual field data for the students to work on or software used for the various projects – Agua

During each externship, the students used industry-provided data sets to work on various projects. They were exposed to

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