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Student Orgs - SPE



Mines SPE has been involved in conferences on a regional level all the way to the international level. The chapter sent over 40 members to ATCE in Houston in 2015 and have 53 members signed up for ATCE 2016 in Dubai, UAE. CSM SPE participated in the Rocky Mountain Student Symposium & Paper Contest at Montana Tech. Ashley Burk, Bryan McDowell and Angela Dang each won an award for their research and presentation, with Bryan and Angela being invited to present in Dubai. In February of 2017, the chapter will host the North American Student Symposium which we expect to have around 400 students attending.

ATCE group in Houston Texas.

SPE’s new officer group is eager to organize more beneficial events in the next school year. For more information about Mines SPE, please refer to our website:

As the oil price continues to concern us, it becomes even more important for Mines students to stand out in this competitive market. The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has been working to provide members with opportunities to become better candidates in this down market. In the past year, SPE has organized several fundraising events Lunch and Learns, field trips and even revamped the officer structure within our organization to better serve our members. These events have been in line with SPE’s mission to enhance relationship between students and professionals and to encourage the exchange of technical knowledge between companies and university.

Last Fall, the 8th Annual Golf Tournament at the Arrowhead Golf Club featured 14 teams of students and professionals. This was not only to have some fun, but also to utilize this great networking opportunity. Similarly, the Clay Shoot in the spring at Kiowa Creek Sporting allowed students and professionals to team up to build relationships.

SPE hosted the Denver SPE section meeting in April. Dr. Ramona Graves moderated the panel discussion for Dr. Hossein Kazemi (Colorado School of Mines R&D), Dr. John Seidle (Unconventionals), Mr. Harry Surkalo (EOR Field Implementation) and Steve Enger (Investment Banking). The panelists enthusiastically shared their experience in SPE and the industry and provided great advice to students.

SPE also continues to host Lunch and Learns with companies in the industry. Lunch and Learns are a great way for students to see engineering projects in action and a great avenue for companies to get face-time with students. If you are interested in coming to speak with the Mines SPE chapter, please contact Jessica Iriarte (

CSM-SPE representatives at Rocky Mountain Student Symposium.

SPE officers for 2016-2017 academic year.