Student Orgs - PET

Student Orgs - PET



After a tumultuous year for the oil and gas industry as a whole, and particpation from the Petroleum Department at Mines, it is time to settle back into another academic year at our beautiful campus, and our terrific building, Marquez Hall. As we look towards a new year, let us take a minute to reflect on this past year’s accomplishments.

One of the greatest successes of the past year was the continuation and development of the Pi Epsilon Tau mentorship program. This program connects junior and senior petroleum engineering students with underclassmen who are either interested in Petroleum Engineering or have already started their petroleum engineering coursework. The program serves as a way for students to receive guidance and to strengthen the bond between students in the department. To add to the program, we have added an Industry Partner aspect, where we pair current undergraduate students with recent graduates in industry. So far it has been a very successful program, as we look to continually making it better.

Matt Balderston My name is Matt Balderston,

and I am the current chapter president of Pi Epsilon Tau. It is such an honor to be a part of this organization which represents the Petroleum Engineering Honor Society for Colorado School of Mines. Pi Epsilon Tau was started at the University of Oklahoma in 1947, and our Mines chapter was founded in 1983. We are a group that represents both graduate and undergraduate students who display not only high academic standards, but also leadership and outstanding character. Pi Epsilon Tau is dedicated to enhancing student involvement on campus, in industry, and in the community. Our group conducts and participates in different events each year such as Castle of Cans, Discover and Preview Mines, as well as a new mentorship program within the department. Each spring we hold an initiation event where we welcome the newly selected students to the organization.

Pi Epsilon Tau has been given the honor and responsibility to represent the department in many facets. We continue to serve as ambassadors to the department for high school students in the fall and the spring during both the Preview and Discover Mines events put on by the admissions department. This event is a favorite among members as it gives us the chance to show off our wonderful building, Marquez Hall, and to share with high school students the exciting opportunities the Petroleum Engineering department at Mines has to offer.

We capped off the year by initiating another very impressive class of petroleum engineers into Pi Epsilon Tau. The class consisted of 40 well-qualified graduate and undergraduate students who exhibit integrity and represent Mines in the best possible light.

The officers, with the help of our wonderful faculty advisor Dr. Miller, were able to advance Pi Epsilon Tau and help to improve the experience for students in the department this past year. I am very excited for what this upcoming school year has in store. Pi Epsilon Tau has an exceptional group of individuals leading and I am confident that Pi Epsilon Tau will have another successful year because of their guidance.

Finally, I would like to thank our faculty and staff for all that they do to make this department one of the premier Petroleum Engineering programs. With their support and leadership, the Colorado School of Mines Petroleum Engineering program will continue to be one of the best in the world.

Regards, Matt Balderston

This year, we sent representatives to the National Council meeting at the University of Texas, Austin. This was a great way to meet students from other universities across the country and collaborate about ways to better operate our organization. Our faculty advisor, Dr. Mark Miller, now holds a prominent role on the national level, as he was elected to be Historian of the new Pi Epsilon Tau board. Other events from this past year included a plunger lift class put on by Golden’s own Well Master Corporation, and the joint effort with the student chapter of SPE’s event, Energy4Me. These events were great opportunities for our members to enhance their learning experience, and have positive community outreach.