Student Orgs - AADE

Student Orgs - AADE



“An exciting event – the

founding of the worlds

first student chapter of the

American Association of

Drilling Engineer[s] occurred

at CSM this last year,” said

Dr. Bill Eustes in the Newsletter

of the Petroleum Engineering

Department vol. 2, no. 1. The

year he referenced? 1996.

This fall semester, we will

Taylor Jacob Carlson and

John Schrader

celebrate the 20th anniversary of our inauguration. Dr. Eustes remains our faithful advisor.

The AADE at Mines has always filled the roll of a professional

society – adding networking and learning opportunities to its

student members. But, the last two generations of officers have

sought to enhance the organization’s standing on campus,

diversify its purpose, ramp recruitment, and vet legacy

leaders. Today, the AADE at Mines stands stronger than ever.

increase the number of off-site tours, encourage underclassmen involvement, add volunteer and charity items to the docket, and entrench some of our legacy events.

To wit, our first Jack-o-lantern Carving Contest raised money for Breast Cancer Research last fall and we will carry over this tradition this October. The AADE also plans on adding a charity fundraiser in February called the Sweetheart 5K. We will again help host the Fin Feather Fur Food Festival (5F) with the Denver Chapter – always a blast – and have already volunteered for their “Mile Hi National Drag Races Tailgate.” Last fall, we worked with Cool Science to host over a hundred children during Mines “Bring Your Kids to Work Day.” This spring, we volunteered in conjunction with SPE to run the Oilfield Olympics at E-days and this coming semester we look forwarding to returning to the M-Climb, welcoming freshmen through Mines’ stone doors. Even so, the AADE at Mines will only escalate its community and campus involvement going forward.

Our 2016 leadership includes: Taylor Jacob Carlson, President; Bryan McDowell, Vice President; David Choi, Secretary; Ahmed Al Shubbar, Treasurer; John Schrader, Logistics Manager; Mohammad Osama, Outreach; Rend Fetyar, Steve Benfield, Ryan Koenig, Kyle Fry, Patrick Lambie, Event Coordinators. Outgoing President and Vice President Justin Cameron and Lizzy Reale operated the organization in the fall and advised new membership this spring. A big thank you to the both of them for their hard work.

Some of the AADA officers and members during E-days.

This past semester alone, our off-site tours included the NICL (National Ice Core Laboratory), Pason field analytics facility, Baker Hughes bit factory, Dynadrill’s motor power section facilities, and the Antelope (formerly Wearsox) thermal spray centralizer application site. And this April, a group of 20 went to the “Fluids Conference” held in Houston by the national AADE chapter. We look forward to offering more occasions like these to our members in the future.

Some of the students after a Wild Well training.

We continue our usual offering of Lunch and Learns. We’d love to thank BHP, Halliburton, Anadarko, Pason, Integrated Petroleum Technologies, Smith Bits, K&M, Dyna-Drill, Liberty Resources, Independent Data Services, Don Nan, the Jeffco Energy Action Project, and all those who contributed to our member’s educations this year.

Building on our foundations, the incoming officers included goals to bring resume-building opportunities to our members,

Our partnership with Wild Well Control continues. They are kind enough to work with us to provide certification to our student members each semester, and we always look forward to the belt buckles. However, we plan on adding a Drilling Specialties “Intro to Drilling Fluids” class geared towards the Junior and Sophomore years.

We also encourage inter-organizational cooperation and membership socialization. Last year we worked with AAPG, ARMA, and SPE on a number of events. We had a screening of the Switch documentary, “There Will Be Blood, Fires of Kuwait,” and are planning a group viewing of “Deepwater