Student Orgs - ARMA

Student Orgs - ARMA



Horizon” to start this semester. Cathedral and BHP both helped us host welcome back BBQ’s, which were huge successes (despite the weather). This spring, we hosted our first crawfish boil, thanks to Bryan McDowell. We dubbed it the “Mudbug Masquerade” and it was such a triumph, even in a late spring snow shower, that we will be sure to get an encore performance.

I want to thank the Denver AADE Chapter for their support, networking, and scholarship funds. And I also want to thank all my officers that make running this organization a fun and fulfilling pursuit.

Best regards, Taylor Jacob Carlson

Finally, last year we had a campus-wide presentation by Dr. Bill Eustes on “Extraterrestrial Drilling.” After its great reception, we decided to make a spring speaker one of our society’s capstone events. So, this year we were lucky enough to get Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels , to join us on campus for a debate forum. The conversations sparked were heated and fruitful. We nearly filled Green Center.

As always, we want to best our historical achievements. I’m already excited about who we’ll have next year. In the meantime, I want to thank all of the alumni that continue to support the school, its purpose, and its professional societies.

AADE 2015 National Technical Conference and Exhibition.


an alumni of Colorado School of Mines currently working for BG Group, delivered a presentation entitled “Reservoir Characteristics of the Marcellus Shale and Implications for Natural Gas Production”.

Toward the end of the Fall semester, Hal Macartney of Pioneer Natural Resources joined us as a distinguished ARMA-UNGI speaker presenting “Raton Basin oil and gas operations and the role of geothermal anomaly on induced seismicity events”.

John Lorenz instructs students during the ARMA field trip to the Southern

San Juan Basin, New Mexico.

It has been a great journey since the establishment of our chapter in March 2012. Our organization has continued to improve services to the geomechanics community here at Mines through the inclusion of a diverse portfolio of events. Such activities include participation in charitable community services and the coordination of a distinguished speaker series jointly with UNGI and other professional societies SPE and AADE which focuses on the industry challenges and technological advancements.

The 2015-2016 academic year kicked off with a special lunch and learn series in the fall semester. Dr. Olusanmi Emmanuel,

Manning the ARMA booth at Celebration of Mines.