Field Sessions - CO/WY/ND/NE

Field Sessions - CO/WY/ND/NE



By Elio Dean

Thanks to all the companies that helped us on our field session; it was a great experience. Our focus was EOR and unconventionals throughout Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and Nebraska.

Ted Williams showed us the American Dream is still alive and strong as he opened his personal oil field to our students. His field is in the Powder River basin, where he is currently implementing a chemical EOR project. We saw his EOR facilities, production facilities, his personal drilling rig, and airplane landing strip.

Schlumberger gave an excellent tour of their ESP facilities, showed us how the technology worked and how it is being used in new Bakken wells to maximize production.

Niobrara production tanks.

Samson Energy taught us about the research they are applying in the development of some of their new Niobrara/ Codell assets. Students visited their field to see the facility construction process as well as existing production facilities.

Bakken well work over.

The BLM presented how the regulatory side of the industry functions, how they fit into the picture, and explained how the oil industry impacts our communities.

Elk Petroleum showed us their Singleton oil field, and shared their plans of EOR implementation to revitalize mature fields. We saw how important respect for land owners is as we drove through a cattle ranch to reach the field.

Bakken drilling rig.

Whiting Petroleum gave us two amazing tours, one of their Niobrara assets and another on their Bakken assets. They showed us two drilling rigs, a work over rig, production facilities, and a frac job.

Singleton Unit Facilities.