Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 29

Colo. School of Mines School of Petroleum Newsletter 2014, Page 29



We were fortunate to once again have Jon Schwalbach (Aera), accompanied by Dave Mayer (Aera, PE alum), lead us on a beach geology field trip. We visited Shell Beach where we learned about petroleum systems including source rocks, fractured reservoirs and conventional clastic reservoirs. The beach geology field trip is always a highlight of the field session. The students love to send selfies with the beach and Pacific Ocean in the background to their friends on the Midland trip. (smiling)

Another highlight of this year’s CA trip was a specially arranged tour of Vandenberg Air Force Base . In the morning we learned about base history and its participation in the United States Space Program. We also learned about base security and were treated to a special demonstration of the service dogs in training. In the afternoon, the base geologist led us on a tour of the Monterey Shale located on an exquisite portion of the Pacific Coast. Dean Ramona Graves joined our Field Session for this visit and the remainder of the trip.

McKittrick Tar Seeps, and the Lakeview Gusher. Fred Holmes ( Holmes Western Oil Corporation ), with assistance by Josh Yurkanin (PE alum), hosted a delicious barbecue lunch at the West Kern Oil Museum in Taft. Mines President and Mrs. Paul Johnson, Brian Winkelbyer (CSM), and Dean Ramona Graves also attended. During lunch, we heard from residents and public officials about engaging the local community in oil and gas development. PE alum Joe Nahama provided a few minutes of rhythmic and thought provoking career advice for the students. We continued this discussion on stakeholder engagement later in the evening after the enjoyable and well- attended CSMAA dinner in Bakersfield. Many thanks to Mike, Dave, Dave, Joe, and Fred for a memorable day in the field.

The field session in Southern California would not be possible without the generosity of our alums and friends in the area. The students, TAs, staff, and faculty had a wonderful learning experience and another enjoyable visit to California. Thanks again! We hope to see you next year!

Many thanks to Miller Newlon, PE alum and Aera Production/ Process Reliability Engineer, San Ardo Field, for designing and hosting an educational and interactive field trip including the opportunity to work on select production problems with field personnel. This was our first visit to Aera’s San Ardo Field and it provided much learning and many photo opportunities. We are very appreciative of Aera’s support (Belridge Field, San Ardo Field, Geology Field Trips) throughout the field session.

On Saturday, Aera geologist Mike Clark (Mines alum) led a half-day field trip of Westside San Joaquin Valley oil field history and geology. Dave Mayer and Dave Miner (Aera, Mines alum) joined us on the field trip that included stops at Coles Levee, the

Touring Aera’s San Ardo Field.

Lunch at the West Kern Oil Museum.