Field Sessions - Oklahoma

Field Sessions - Oklahoma



This year, my seventeenth PEGN 315 Field Session I, I led a group of 43 students through my “old stomping grounds” of Oklahoma. It was somewhat of a melancholy feeling driving by my old places from back when I was a drilling engineer with ARCO Oil and Gas in the early 80’s. We stayed in Tulsa about a quarter mile from the first home I bought. There was a lot of change; but enough remained that I recognized it. Terri Snyder and Joe Chen were the staff team giving incredible support. And assisting me were Faraj Ahmed, Daniel Chase, Fadi George, Kurt Livo, and Kseniya Zinyakina.

Weir Wellheads next door to Mathena.

This year, we changed the field session to be only one week in duration. In any event…we arrived at OKC (Will Rogers Airport) on Sunday. It took us longer to get our rental vehicles than it did to fly from Denver to Oklahoma City. We left there and drove to Tulsa on the classic Turner Turnpike.

Packer’s Plus employees explaining how external casing packers work.

Day 1 saw us visiting the University of Tulsa’s (Drs. Ozkan and Brita’s alma mater) North Research Campus . What I found fascinating were the transparent flow loops. You can clearly see the fluid flow patterns. Drs. Sarica and

At the North Research Campus for the University of Tulsa.