Field Sessions - Massadona

Field Sessions - Massadona


PEGN 316 Field Session II - MASSADONA By Mark Miller

The Massadona tavern was wondering where we were when Mother’s Day rolled around and there were no students or faculty in camp. Because the school’s schedule started a little later than usual, we wound up coming out to Massadona a little later than usual. The first section wound up in a rainy season – students only had one fire. The rest of the time they were in their tents trying to keep or get dry. Tromping around on the first day attracted 10 pounds of clay to each foot. While the second session was warmer, Ramadan started in its middle. Some students didn’t eat or drink during the daylight hours. They celebrated the coming of sunset, inviting staff and fellow students to join in the traditional breaking of the fast. The third session was even hotter, but they were treated to the return of one of their favorite faculty.

We were extremely fortunate to have Jennifer Miskimins back to help lead the final group of students. Teaching assistants were chomping at the bit to get into her section. New professor Rosmer Brito, along with Elio Dean, Mansur Ermila, Carrie McClelland, and myself rounded out the petroleum faculty. We also were able to get department staff Denise Winn-Bowerr and Terri Snyder to help out for a week each. Evan Jones, a PhD student in the geology department, did a noteworthy job of integrating geologic concepts into the petroleum engineering mindset. Students came back with a strong appreciation for geology and its importance to the engineer. At least one student’s opinion changed enough that they decided to go for the geology minor, which now requires nine credit hours beyond the regular petroleum curriculum.

Enjoying the view while mapping at Skull Creek.

Kacey, Stacey, Jenny and Ethina at Dinosaur National Monument.

2016 Section A