Dr. Brito

Dr. Brito



This past spring semester

was my first semester here at

Mines. The last seven months

have been full of exciting new

experiences for me as new

professor at the Petroleum

Engineering Department at

Colorado School of Mines.

I had the opportunity to

start a new graduate level

class in the production area

with Dr. Ermila (Advanced

Production, which will be

offered again next spring).

We had a small group of

students that worked really

Dr. Rosmer M. Brito hard all semester. It was

a great pleasure for me to see them building their own steady-state production simulation software from scratch and to spend time with them in the lab debugging the software. I really want to say thank you to them for being so nice and dedicated during the semester.

My first graduate student joined my group and together we have been working on the planning and construction of the first large scale multiphase flow experimental facility in the department. This will be an experimental facility to study three-phase flow liquid loading phenomenon in large pipe diameters. Based on our schedule the experimental facility will be running by the end of September.

I also had the opportunity to go to my first field session in Massadona…even though I decided to skip the Massadona Burger, the field session was a great experience. The students were well behaved and responsible. They showed interest in the different activities and made me understand why

Mines students are considered one of the best in Petroleum Engineering. Furthermore, the views and surroundings took my breath away (or maybe that was the several days of hiking).

Currently, I am participating in the Drilling and Production Data Analytics Externship group. This has been a great effort for the department to help students that were struggling finding an internship during this oil downturn. The students have been able to get training in different software such as Techlog and SAS and develop a better understanding of how to organize massive amounts of data and how to get useful information out it. In addition, we had amazing speakers in the drilling and production area that were willing to donate their time to help Mines students. I hope the students are having a great time and learning a lot. Furthermore, I am looking forward to seeing these students convince recruiters to give them an internship position next summer based on the experience they got this summer.

In addition, I have been working with the department to open a new midstream minor. The midstream sector in the oil industry involves the transportation by pipeline, rail, oil tanker or truck, storage, and marketing of crude and gas. We are expecting that this minor will help students to expand their horizons in the oil industry. We will be offering our first class (PEGN498-A Single and Two-phase Flow in Pipeline Networks) this fall and we are working with the Rocky Mountain Pipeliners Club to have different on-campus activities such as lunch & learns and short courses to increase the knowledge about midstream operations. I am looking forward to making this minor a success for the department. I have found the challenge of being on the vanguard of a new research division both excited and rewarding. I hope to help bring a level of excellence to Mines’s Production Engineering Division that is on par with the Department’s amazing record in drilling and reservoir. Looking forward to the new fall semester.

A visit to a Ward Petroleum Corporation rig during the externships in summer 2016.