Elio Dean, Dr. Ermila

Elio Dean, Dr. Ermila



With my first full year as faculty complete, I’m looking forward to year two. This has been an extremely enjoyable year, so allow me to share some of my adventures. If there are any alumni interested in more details about any of the items I highlight please feel free to contact me via email (eldean@mines.edu).

I taught Petroleum Eco-

nomics (PEGN 422), Well

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Design (PEGN 439). Regarding PEGN 422, I’ve been working with John Wright and Lia Sedillos (John is the author of the text we use and both have taught the course in the past) to improve the course and add more industry insight. I also co-taught/led two field sessions (PEGN 315 and PEGN 316).

I’ve been working in the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and we are making improvements. We are including more on data analytics / data science, unconventionals, and introducing more software to our students. I’ve been working with ~20 students conducting EOR screenings to ~30 reservoirs in the DJ basin using numerical simulation software. I’ve helped some recent graduates start a company where they contract out hours to companies who need engineers on a part time basis. I am also the SPE student chapter faculty advisor and have been able to work with SPE and SPE Denver.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I try to go sailing at least once a year and had great trip with my family in the Virgin Islands during June/July (figure those pictures are better than work ones). Including work and pleasure I’ve visited 18 states/territories, Dominican Republic, Brazil, England, and the BVI in the last 12 months.

Enhanced Oil Recovery is my area of focus. I’ve been working with industry partners looking into using CO 2 from corn ethanol plants as a CO 2 source for DJ basin EOR projects. I attended the Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage conference in Tysons Virginia with Scott Hornafius (president of Elk Petroleum), where we presented a paper on the potential of Carbon Negative Oil. I have also been working on technical committees for SPE focusing on EOR (IOR Conference and on the EOR subcommittee of the RDD advisory committee).

Snorkling with my kids.


Dr. Mansur Ermila

I have dreamt of going to Colorado School of Mines since I was in my undergraduate school back in my country, and until this day I have moments where I’m still in disbelief that I was fortunate enough to do my PhD and become a teaching faculty member at my dream school.

After getting my bachelor’s at Tripoli University I had high hopes that I would be sent by the University to complete my master’s

degree at CSM, but unfortunately there were no students sent to the U.S. at that time. After getting my master’s degree in Hungary and working in the fields in Libya I moved on to being a lecturer at Tripoli University. Years went by and I was slowly beginning to let go of my CSM dream. Until one day I was informed that I’d been selected to do my PhD abroad, and I took this opportunity to go after my dream once again and see where destiny lead me. The day I received my acceptance letter from CSM was the best day of my life. I was finally able to make my dream come true.

I moved here in late 2006 with my family. At that time my oldest daughter Marwa was 12 years old, Rehana was 8, and Abdullah was 6 years old. Now Marwa is 22, Rehana is 18, and Abdullah is 16. Marwa is a student at Metropolitan State University, Rehana is a student at University of Colorado at Denver and my youngest Abdullah has just recently graduated