Program Assessment Flow Diagram

The Petroleum Engineering Program reflects our strong commitment to provide students with a quality educational experience. To achieve and maintain our high standards of academic excellence, we have developed the following program objectives, outcomes and assessment processes:

  1. Program Objectives and Outcomes to guide our curriculum development and assessment processes.
  2. Flow Diagram to illustrate our program assessment and feedback processes. The Petroleum Engineering Program has an ongoing formalized review process to assess the needs of our constituencies. These constituencies include students, alumni, faculty, industry recruiters, and our Advisory Committee.
  3. Program Assessment Objectives and Outcomes Matrix, which describes our processes for achieving our objectives.
  4. Relationship between the Petroleum Engineering Objectives and Outcomes and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) Outcomes and Assessment Items, which identifies the linkages between our objectives and ABET Criteria 3 items.
  5. Rubrics used to perform program level assessment.



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