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Dr. Hossein Kazemi
Research Co-Director
Chesebro' Distinguished Chair
in Petroleum Engineering
phone: (303) 384 2072
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Dr. Erdal Ozkan
Research Co-Director
Petroleum Engineering
Department Head
phone: (303) 273 3188
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Dr. Yu-Shu Wu

Foundation CMG Reservoir
Modeling Chair
Office: (303) 273-2093
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Dr. Xiaolong Yin

Associate Professor

Office: (303) 384-2449

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Dr. Philip H. Winterfeld

Research Associate
Office: (303) 384-2366
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Dr. Luis E. Zerpa

Assistant Professor
Office: (303) 384-2627
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Graduate Students


Chayapod Beokhaimook

Facutly Mentor:Hossein Kazemi
Education: : M.Sc. candidate, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, B.S. Petroleum Engineering Colorado School of Mines
Research Interests:Reservoir Simulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Fractured Reservoir.


Tingting Chen

Facutly Mentor: Vaughan Griffiths and Hossein Kazemi
Education: Ph.D. candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering, geotechnical specialty, in the Reservoir Characterization Project, Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines. M.S. Geological Engineering, Tongji University. B.S. Exploration Techniques and Engineering, Hefei University of Technology.
Research Interests: Member of Delhi Field project, her engineering role is constructing a reservoir model based on available geophysical and geological data. Research areas include numerical simulation and modeling, and laboratory tests on soils and rocks. Dynamic reservoir characterization by integrating geoscience and engineering information. An example to illustrate the dynamic reservoir characterization can be found in AOGR's September 2014 Editor's Choice-featured article by Tingting Chen, Dr. Hossein Kazemi and Dr. Thomas L. Davis titled, "Dynamic Reservoir Model Supports Reservoir Management."


Younki Cho

Faculty Mentors: Xiaolong Yin and Hossein Kazemi
Education: B.Sc. 2009, M.Sc. 2011, and Ph.D. candidate in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.
Research Interests: Younki is originally from the Republic of Korea. He's research focuses on experimental and numerical study of multiphase flow in liquid-rich shales. He designed and built core flooding apparatus, and is currently performing core flooding experiments on unconventional cores such as Middle Bakken. These measurements will be used to validate a new modeling approach using Lattice Boltzmann model (LBM). Younki has been involved as a teaching assistant in several graduate and undergraduate level courses. He worked in a joint CSM-Exaro Energy study as a reservoir engineer conducting diagnostic fracture injection tests (DFIT), hydraulic fracture modeling, and production data analysis for Jonah field in Wyoming. Prior to joining the PhD program, he worked for Austin Exploration as a petroleum engineer doing well planning and completion design for Niobrara formation in Colorado."


Erdinc Eker

Faculty Mentors: Hossein Kazemi
Education: Ph.D. candidate, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. B.S. and M.S., Petroleum Engineering, METU. Member of SPE and SEG.
Research Interests: Currently working as a reservoir engineer on the Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP). Focusing on dynamic reservoir characterization by integrating the seismic data with reservoir simulation model in unconventional reservoirs in Niobrara Formation. Erdinc research concentrates on hydraulic fracture modelling and future development strategies for the optimum production from the field.


Ilkay Eker

Faculty Mentors: Hossein Kazemi
Ilkay is a PhD candidate at Colorado School of Mines in Petroleum Engineering Department. Her PhD research is focused on primary production analysis via multi-phase rate transient analysis and compositional modeling of enhanced oil recovery techniques to understand the flow mechanism at matrix-fracture interface in unconventional reservoirs. Ilkay holds BS and MS in Petroleum Engineering from Middle East Technical University. Prior to her study at CSM, Ilkay worked for Schlumberger as a reservoir engineer for five years focusing on Well Testing in North Sea and Continental Europe. While pursuing her PhD studies at CSM, Ilkay was instructor for undergraduate level course; Well Testing course for two semesters and she is teaching assistant of graduate level courses; reservoir simulation, naturally fractured reservoirs, improved and enhanced oil recovery processes and field applications and advanced well testing courses.


Andrew Johnson

Faculty Mentors: Hossein Kazemi
Program: MSc. Candidate, Petroleum Engineering, in the Reservoir Characterization Project
Education: Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.
Work Experience: I worked with Devon Energy as a field production engineer in Lloydminster, Canada and facilities engineer in Calgary, Canada working in heavy oil and shallow gas. During my bachelor degree, I interned with Encana Corporation working on two unconventional gas and/or light oil projects in developing shale assets in the Liard Basin (Fort Nelson, Canada) and coalbed methane (Calgary, Canada).
Research Interest: My research interests include rate transient analysis, dual-porosity/dual-permeability reservoirs, pressure transient analysis of fractured reservoirs, and temperature transient analysis from producing fluids in fractured reservoirs. My desire is to take a fully integrated, life-cycle approach of reservoir engineering.
Personal Interest: When I am not passionately working on the reservoirs of the world, my wife and I have fun with: DIY house projects, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, music, art and travel.


Asm Kamruzzaman

Faculty Mentors: Hossein Kazemi and Xiaolong Yin
Education: Ph.D. student, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. M.S. Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. B.S. Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines.
Asm is currently a Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering student working as a research assistant with MCERS. His research areas and interests include nano-and micro-scale experimental and numerical modelling of hydrocarbon phase behavior, reservoir characterization, petrophysics, study of shale and mudrocks, and big data analysis. He was previously associated with the Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP) and the Physics of Organics, Carbonates, Clays, Sands and Shales (OCLASSH) consortia at CSM and developed petrophysical rock classification model for the Niobrara Formation of the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin. He also intends in the future to extensively explore the dynamics of fluid-flow and flow-network in the unconventional plays under confinement. Asm interned with EOG Resources as a member of the production and facilities group in the Bakken, Williston Basin. At CSM, he worked as a teaching assistant for the Gas Measurement and Formation Evaluation and Petroleum Geostatistics courses. He was commissioned from the Bangladesh Military Academy in 1997 as a proud young leader with the Special Forces division of the Bangladesh Army and retired in 2008 as a senior Major. Among other international assignments, he was Aide to two head-of-states, has worked with United Nations, and is a recipient of the United Nations Peace Medal.


Somayeh Karimi

Faculty Mentors: Xiaolong Yin and Hossein Kazemi
Education: Ph.D. candidate, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines.
Research Interests: As part of her Ph.D., she learned to develop reservoir simulation models parallel to using commercial software (Eclipse) to study reservoirs. She is also heavily involved in the experiments on Middle Bakken reservoir rock samples. Her focus in laboratory experiments is on capillary pressure, contact angle, resistivity and NMR.


Yanrui Daisy Ning

Faculty Mentors: Hossein Kazemi
Education: Ph.D. candidate, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines.
Research Interests: Minor in Geophysics. Her PhD project is about integrating reservoir simulation and 4D microseimic for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in the Wattenberg field. The objective of her work is to determine whether the well spacing, fracture spacing and well performance of the wells in the Wishbone Section of the Wattenberg field are optimal. To achieve this objective, she needs to use production data, well completion information, and reservoir description data based on geology, petrophysics, and microseismic. In addition, she will evaluate the effectiveness of the current artificial lift methods. The ultimate goal is to select an appropriate EOR method, such as CO2 injection, to enhance oil production.


Mehmet A. Torcuk

Faculty Mentor: Hossein Kazemi
Education: Ph.D. candidate, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. M.S. Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. B.S. Petroleum Engineering, Istanbul Technical University.
Research Interests: Pore scale physics of fluid flow in unconventional reservoirs, pressure and rate transient analyses, reservoir simulation and enhanced oil recovery. Mehmet is a teaching assistant of three graduate level courses including reservoir simulation and compositional modeling. Mehmet is the recipient of 2014 SPE Nico van Wingen Memorial Graduate Fellowship Award.

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Ozan Uzun

Faculty Mentor: Hossein Kazemi
Education: MSc candidate, Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. B.S. Geological Engineering, Middle East Technical University. Member of SPE.
Work Experience: I worked with Schlumberger for 6 years in Eastern Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey), Abu Dhabi, and Angola (ultra-deep water offshore).
Research Interest: My research interests include fractured reservoirs, unconventional shale reservoirs, and Reservoir modeling.




Alumni Degree Thesis
Tadesse Weldu Teklu PhD - 2015 Experimental and Numerical Study of Carbon Dioxide Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery in Low Permeability Reservoirs
Caglar Yesiltepe MS - 2015 Accessed Drainage Volume and Recovery Factors of Fractured Horizontal Wells Under Transient Flow
Andreas M. Lumban Gaol MS - 2015 Inference Test Analysis with Two Fractured Horizontal Wells
Goksu Akoglu Somyurek MS - 2015 CO2 Injection to Improve Oil Recovery Using Zipper Hydraulic Fractures
Waleed Alameri PhD - 2015 Low-Salinity Waterflooding in a Low-Permeability Carbonate Formation of a Giant Middle East Field
Najeeb S. Alharthy PhD - 2015 Compositional Modeling of Multiphase Flow and Enhanced Oil Recovery Prospects in Liquid-Rich Unconventional Reservoirs
Jusdon Greenwood MS - 2015 An Analytical Investigation of Boundaries in Naturally Fractured Unconventional Reservoirs
Mehdi Izadi Kamouei PhD - 2015 Assessing Productivity Impairment of Surfactant-Polymer EOR using Laboratory and Field Data
Filiz Geren MS - 2014 Modeling Flow in Nanoporous, Membrane Reservoirs and Interpretration of Coupled Fluxes
Caglar Komurcu MS - 2014 Effect of Viscosity - Compressibility Product Variation on the Analysis of Fracture Well Performances in Tight Unconventional Reservoirs
Ozlem Ozcan MS - 2014 Fractional Diffusion in Naturally Fractured Unconventional Reservoirs
Jeffrey S. Brown PhD - 2014 A compositional Simulation Model for Carbon Dioxide Flooding with Improved Fluid Trapping
Basak Kurtoglu PhD - 2013 Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Modeling in Support of Enhanced Oil Recovery for Bakken
Juan Carlos Carratu MS - 2013 Sensitivity of Fractured Horizontal Well Productivity to Reservoir Properties in Shale-Gas Plays
Tuba Firincioglu PhD - 2013 Bubble Point Suppression in Unconventional Liquids Rich Reservoirs and Its Impact on Oil Production
Mahmood Ahmadi PhD - 2012 Laplace Transform Deconvolution and its Application to Perturbation Solution of Non-Linear Diffusivity Equation
Mehmet Torcuk MS - 2013 Analytical Solutions for Multiple-Matrix in Fractured Reservoirs: Application to Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs
Osman Apaydin PhD - 2012 New Coupling Considerations Between Matrix and Fracture in Unconventional Resource Reservoirs
Younki Cho MS - 2012 Effects of Pressure-Dependent Natural-Fracture Permeability on Shale-Gas Well Production
Ali M. Al-Sumaiti PhD - 2011 Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Double Diplacement Oil Recovery in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
Baharak B. Alamdari PhD - 2011 Viability of Matriz-Fracture Transfer Functions for Dilute Surfactant-Augmented Waterflooding in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
Mojtaba Kiani PhD - 2011 Field Pilot Testing of EOR Surfactant in Dual-Porosity Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Single-Well vs. Multiple-Well Approach
Ayyoub E. Heris PhD - 2011 Integrated Flow Simulation and Time-Lapse Seismic Reservoir Characterization in Conjunction with an Enhanced Oil Recovery Project, Postle Field, Texas County, Oklahoma
Vladimir Petunin MS - 2011 Laboratory Study of Permeability Change with Radially Applied Pressure
Omar Alnahdi
Saudi Aramco
PhD - 2011 Compositional Modelling of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Control Volume Mixed Finite Element Method
Waleed Alameri MS - 2010 Use of Horizontal Wells To Improve Pattern Waterflood In Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs - simulation of horizontal wells
John Akinboyewa MS - 2010 Compositional Thermal Simulation of Expanding Solvent-Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (ES-SAGD) in Heavy Oil/Bitumen Reservoirs
Mohammed Al-Kobaisi PhD - 2010 Multiphase multiscale simulation of water-oil flow in single- and dual-porosity reservoirs - Comparison of different finite difference and finite element formulations; multiscale simulation
Ajab Al-Otaibi PhD - 2010 Pressure Transient Behavior of Vertical Wells Accounting for Non-Darcy Flow in Hydraulically Fractured Wells and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Benjamin Ramirez PhD - 2010 Mulstiscale Compositional Simualtion of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Najeeb Salim Alharthy MS - 2009 Energy Gain Efficiency Using Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
Ali A. Albinali MS - 2009 Finite Difference Formulation of Coupled Geomechanics and Fluid-Flow for Reservoir Engineering Applications
Margaret "Peggy" Brown MS - 2009 Analytical Trilinear Pressure Transient Model for Multiply Fractured Horizontal Wells in Tight Shale Reservoirs
Marathon Oil Company
Basak Kurtoglu MS - 2008 Semi-Analytical Representation of Wells and Near-Well Flow Convergence in Numerical Reservoir Simulationr
Marathon Oil Company
Osama Raba MS- 2008 The Effects of Small Conductivity Near-Wellbore Natural Fractures on Three-Phase Performance of Long Horizontal Wells
British Petroleum
Arjun Bathija ME - 2008  
Mohamed Elhage ME - 2008  
Can " Jon"  Yetkin MS - 2007 Simulation of Permeability Anisotropy to Reduce Grid orientation Effects
Benjamin Ramirez
Marathon Oil
MS - 2007 Gas Condensate Non-Darcy Flow Effects in Dual-Porosity, Dual-Permeability Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Flavio Medeiros Junior PhD - 2007 Semi-Analytical Pressure Transient Model for Complex Well-Reservoir Systems
Safian Atan PhD - 2007 Multiscale Multimesh Numerical Simulation for Two-Phase Flow in Highly Heterogeneous Reservoirs
Marathon Oil Company
Mohammad Al-Matrook PhD - 2006 Multi-Scale Formulation and Simulation of Three-Phase Flow with Interphase Mass Transfer
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research MS - 2002 An Improved Two-Component Simulation of Black Oil, Volatile Oil, and Gas Condensate Reservoirs
Adetayo Balogun MS - 2005 An Improved Water-Oil Transfer-Function for Dual-Porosity/Dual-Permeability System
Christian Aguilar MS - 2005 Simulation of Pressure Transient Response of Single and Dual-Lateral Wells
British Petroleum
Victor Salazar Indij MS - 2005 Improved Heavy Oil Recovery in a Foamy Heavy Oil Reservoir Using SAGD Technology
Apex Petroleum Engineering
Nasser Al-Mohannadi PhD - 2004 Simulation of Horizontal Well Tests
Qatar University
Juergen Dreier MS - 2004 Pressure-Transient Analysis of Wells in Reservoirs with a Multiple Fracture Network
Jose Martinez -Val ME - 2004  
Repsol YPF
Jaime Moreno MS - 2004 Streamline Simulation of Counter-Current Water-Oil Flow in Dual-Porosity Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Carlos Pereira MS - 2003 Combined Effect of Non-Darcy Flow and Formation Damage on Gas Well Performance in Dual-Porosity/Dual-Permeability
Mohammad Al-Matrook MS - 2002 An Improved Two-Component Simulation of Black Oil, Volatile Oil, and Gas Condensate Reservoirs



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