UREP Colorado School of Mines

Unconventional Reservoir Engineering Project


The Unconventional Reservoir Engineering Project (UREP) is a research consortium founded in 2012 at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). It is housed under the Marathon Center of Excellence for Reservoir Studies (MCERS) in the Petroleum Engineering Department. UREP consists of faculty members, graduate students, industry partners, visiting scholars, and postdoctoral researchers. The Consortium is funded through a membership structure.

The general objective of the UREP Consortium is to attain a more complete reservoir engineering understanding and develop more appropriate reservoir engineering tools and practices for tight unconventional oil and natural gas reservoirs. The broad research focus of UREP includes:

UREP Research is planned in two-year phases. Each phase has specific goals and deliverables set based on the needs of the industry and the outcome of the previous phases. Currently, the UREP Consortium is in Phase 1.


Upcoming Events

Fall 2013 Advisory Board Meeting