UREP Colorado School of Mines


Current Projects

PROJECT 1: Flow and Transport of Hydrocarbon Fluids in Nano-Porous Reservoirs

Develop a more comprehensive understanding and perception of flow and transport in nano-porous reservoir rocks to form the basis of unconventional reservoir engineering tools and practices. Understand mechanisms associated with n-pore size environments

PROJECT 2: Fluid Transfer Between Nano-Porous Matrix and Multi-Scale Fractures

Define the interface conditions and fluid transfer mechanisms between nano-porous matrix and fractures to more realistically account for the contribution of ultra-tight, unconventional rock matrix

PROJECT 3: Production from Tight,Fractured Formations in Close Proximity of Source Rocks (Liquid-Rich Reservoirs)

Define and model the support of source rocks on production from contiguous fractured formations for the analysis and prediction of production from liquids-rich reservoirs

PROJECT 4: Simulation of Flow and Transport in Fractured Nano-Porous Reservoirs

Progressively incorporate the results of the UREP research projects and new findings into a numerical unconventional-reservoir simulator developed by NITEC

PROJECT 5: Analysis and Prediction of Well Performance in Unconventional Reservoirs

Develop and improve models and interpretation methods for pressure- and rate-transient data and long-term production performance to help reservoir management

Completed Projects

The following is a sample list of the relevant research completed by the project group:

Analysis and Evaluation of Horizontal Wells in The Bakken Shale of North Dakota and Montana

Analytical Trilinear Pressure Transient Model for Multiply Fractured Horizontal Wells in Tight Shale Reservoirs

New Coupling Considerations Between Matrix and Multiscale Natural Fractures in Unconventional Resource Reservoirs

Effects of Pressure-Dependent Natural-Fracture Permeability on Shale-Gas Well Production

Semi-analytical Pressure Transient Model for Complex Well – Reservoir Systems

Reservoir Study of Cupen Mahuida Field: Phase 1 – Analysis of Pressure Transient and Production Data for Cum – X1 Well

Wasatch-Mesaverde Reservoir Characterization