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  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Dr. Perapon Fakcharoenphol
    Friday, September 20

    Geomechanical Challenges for Deepwater Development


    The deepwater industry was hit hard in 2014. Most deepwater development projects were sub-economic with oil prices falling to below US$50 a barrel. The industry has taken significant steps to make the projects more competitive by simplifying well, facility, and host designs, which ensure that the project meets safety requirements and minimum operational functional specifications. Geomechanics plays the important part in integrated risk assessment, enabling the simplified design.

    Deepwater environment poses unique challenges for field development including narrow drilling margin, shallow unconsolidated reservoir due to low overburden weight, complex stress environment due to salt proximity, high pore pressure depletion in ultradeep reservoir.  In this talk, we will discuss the geomechanics risks for deepwater development during well construction, completion, and long-term production.


    Perapon Fakcharoenphol is a geomechanics specialist at Shell. He holds a MS in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College and a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.  He previously worked as a reservoir engineer for gas-condensate field developments at PTTEP. He has been working in various deepwater development projects since 2013.

    Perapon Fakcharoenphol Geomechanics Seminar

  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Drilling Systems Automation is Here – Propagation, Pitfalls, Profits
    Friday, September 27

    John de Wardt

    de Wardt and Company Inc.

    Drilling Automation is a fast-growing technology application that impacts all companies and all disciplines connected to well construction. Technology applications are being developed by  large and small companies. Rising data demands are uncovering source data quality issues that also affect data analytics. Automation will not be an all or nothing proposition, humans will still perform roles in the automation loops according to the balance of sensor data quality, algorithm capability, operational uncertainty and human capacity. Drilling programs are rapidly being digitized for greater collaboration and learning efficacy, providing the input to automated drilling systems. The value proposition of automated drilling is moving from time saved by drilling performance to increasing well productivity and reducing operating costs. A multidiscipline approach to drilling systems automation (DSA) adoption focused on both drilling duration and well bore results yields the greatest value. Presenting a specific application view of DSA is common; this potential SPE Distinguished Lecture presentation view is holistic and industry neutral (agnostic) benefiting all participants. There is no single solution; there is room for everybody to learn to participate. The key idea for members to take away from this talk: DSA is advancing quickly; understanding how a holistic industry view encompassing subsurface, facilities and production will enable knowledgeable implementation decisions and development of a smart adoption strategy by user or provider maximizing value.


    John de Wardt is a recognized upstream global consultant with a 43 year career: he consults to operators, NOC’s, service companies, drilling contractors, OEM’s, academia, investors. He has held engineering / management positions with Shell, Forasol / Foramer and Halliburton. John has lived / worked in 33 countries; is a Board Member of SPE DSATS, Program Manager DSA Roadmap & DSABOK™, lecturer / doctoral advisor at Colorado School of Mines. John graduated with a BSc Hons degree in Mechanical Engineering, became a Chartered Engineer and was elected as a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers also a Distinguished Member of SPE. John has Published 28 papers, led 19 industry forums / workshops and committee member SPE / IADC Drilling Conference for 19 years.

  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Thanh Nguyen
    Friday, October 18

    Initiation and growth of hydraulic fracture & proppant transport modelling using CMG

  • Chevron Short Course Series: Trouble Free Drilling
    Friday, October 25

    Presented by Mr. John Mitchell

    Function:  DrillCing Engineering

    • Dealing with down hole problems
    • Wellbore stability

    Freeing procedures and tripping practices

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Dr. Hui-Hai Liu
    Friday, November 1


  • Chevron Short Course Series: Cementing Technologies and Applications
    Friday, November 8

    Presented by Ahmed Mansour, Field Engineer II, from BJ services

    Function: Cementing

    • Primary Cementing
    • Deep Well Cementing
    • Squeeze Cementing
    • Open-Hole Cement Plugs
    • Flow Calculation
    • Special Cementing Applications

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Dr. Mahmood Ahmedi
    Friday, November 15

    EOR workflow in conventional and unconventional reservoirs with case studies

  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Dr. Rick Sarg
    Friday, November 22

    Organic-Rich Lacustrine Rocks – The Green River Formation, Colorado and the Pre-Salt of Brazil – A Story of Beaches, Microbes, and Chemical Precipitates

  • Chevron Short Course Series: Data Analytics
    Friday, January 24

    Presented by Naser Erwemi, Nobel Energy. Houston, Texas

        Function: Enhance Data Analysis Skills

    • Learn the essentials and understand the components and functionalities of TIBOC Spotfire X
    • Load, explore, analyze oil and gas production Data Sets Via Spotfire X platform
    • Build visualizations within the application to answer business questions
    • Explore different Spotfire chart types
    • Publishing and reporting

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Osman Apaydin
    Friday, January 31


  • Chevron Short Course Series: Reservoir Management
    Friday, February 21

    Presented by Zack Warren and Michael Hirsch, Great Western Oil and Gas

    • Mix of lecture and practical applications of reservoir management. Topics to include
    • PDP decline curve analysis for producing tight oil wells
    • Type well analysis for undeveloped tight oil wells
    • Practical rate-transient analysis (PI-cum) for producing tight oil wells
    • Practice using software such as Spotfire, (ARIES and Harmony were also requested)

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

  • Chevron Short Course Series: Reliability Engineering
    Friday, March 20

    Presented by: Miller Newlon, Aera Energy LLC.

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

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