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  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Key Flow Assurance Strategies to Understand Overall System Performance in Field Applications
    Friday, April 5

    Dr. Phaneendra Kondapi, Director of the Subsea Engineering program at the University of Houston: Key Flow Assurance Strategies to Understand Overall System Performance in Field Applications


    Flow assurance requires understanding of multiphase flow (steady state and transient), and fluid phase behavior (including PVT, fluid properties and fluid composition) from the reservoir to the topsides process equipment throughout the life of field. Flow assurance design requirements and operational philosophy should permeate each phase of each aspect of flow and fluid potential problems of field development during project execution.

    Results of key offshore oil and gas developments across the globe for common strategies and significant exceptions to those strategies will be presented. The limitations of the strategies are becoming increasingly apparent as the requirements for system performance continue to become more demanding with changing and challenging offshore environment in the current dynamic market. Hence, there is a greater need to understand the flow assurance strategies to reduce overall field development costs and risk, and improve operability and reliability.


    Dr. Phaneendra Kondapi is the Assistant Dean for Engineering Programs at University of Houston Katy Campus and Professor of Subsea Engineering. Until recently, he was the Founding Director of Engineering Programs at UH Katy campus and Director of Subsea Engineering. Previously he was the Director and Professor of Subsea Engineering at Texas A&M University and an Adjunct Professor of Subsea Engineering at University of Houston. Dr. Kondapi has worked in the industry for over 20 years around the globe including in the flow management group at FMC Technologies. He has supported the development of both Subsea Engineering programs  in the US and taught Flow Assurance, Subsea Processing and Offshore Field Design courses.

    Dr. Kondapi is the past Chair of SPE Flow Assurance Technical Section and a member of various SPE and OTC program committees. He also Chaired the SPE Forum “Flow Assurance – Future State-of-the-Art” held in June 2015. Dr. Kondapi leads OTC Flow Assurance and Subsea Processing committees. He has organized/chaired over 45 technical sessions and gave over 40 technical conference presentations. He also has published around 25 articles in various journals and magazines as an author/co-author. One of his technical papers “Today’s Top 30 Flow Assurance Technologies: Where Do They Stand?” has been downloaded around 1400 times from

    Dr. Kondapi holds PhD from Tennessee Technological University and BS and MS from Andhra University, all in Chemical Engineering. He received SPE Innovative Teaching Fellow Award in 2013 and SPE Regional Distinguished Faculty and PFC Awards in 2017.

  • Chevron Short Course Series: Induced Seismicity
    Saturday, April 6

    Only available to PE Seniors.

    presented by Tim Tyrrell and Kris Nygaard, ExxonMobil-XTO

    • Fundamentals of induced seismicity
    • Lecture and practice exercises on unconventional operations and potential risk analysis for induced seismicity

    Email Rachel McDonald ( to sign-up for the short courses.

  • Chevron Short Course Series: Microseismic Fundamentals and Applications
    Friday, April 19

    Only available to PE Seniors.

    Presented by Dr. Jon McKenna, Microseismic Inc.

    • Fundamentals of Microseismic and data interpretation with exercises (9:00 – 12:00)
    • Microseismic applications with hands on exercises (1:30 – 4:30 p.m.)

    Email Rachel McDonald ( to sign-up for the short courses.

  • PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Flow of Complex Fluids in Porous Media: Implications for Enhanced Oil Recovery
    Friday, April 19

    Dr. Soheil Saraji of the University of Wyoming



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  • Distinguished Speaker Dr. Mark Knackstedt
    Friday, April 26

    Dr. Mark Knackstedt of the Australian National University



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