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  • Friday, January 24
    Chevron Short Course Series: Data Analytics

    Presented by Naser Erwemi, Nobel Energy. Houston, Texas

        Function: Enhance Data Analysis Skills

    • Learn the essentials and understand the components and functionalities of TIBOC Spotfire X
    • Load, explore, analyze oil and gas production Data Sets Via Spotfire X platform
    • Build visualizations within the application to answer business questions
    • Explore different Spotfire chart types
    • Publishing and reporting

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

  • Friday, January 31
    PE Distinguished Seminar Series: Role of Reservoir Engineers in Unconventional Era, Osman Apaydin

    Dr. Osman Apaydin, President of Koda Resources

    Bio: Dr. Osman Apaydin is currently the President of Koda Resources. Dr. Apaydin previously served as the Denver Division Engineering and Regulatory Manager at EOG Resources. He played an instrumental role in exploration and development of the company assets in Williston, Powder River and DJ Basins. Additionally, he oversaw the planning, forecasting, and A&D; efforts of the division. Prior to his current position he served as the Denver Division Reservoir Engineering Manager from 2008 to 2018. He has been with EOG Resources since 2006. Previously Dr. Apaydin was a Senior Reservoir Engineer at Schlumberger Consulting services in Denver where he worked on several integrated reservoir studies both in US and overseas. Dr. Apaydin holds a BS degree from Istanbul Technical University (1995), an MS degree from Stanford University (1998) and a PhD degree from Colorado School of Mines (2012), all in petroleum engineering.

  • Friday, February 21
    Chevron Short Course Series: Reservoir Management

    Presented by Zack Warren and Michael Hirsch, Great Western Oil and Gas

    • Mix of lecture and practical applications of reservoir management. Topics to include
    • PDP decline curve analysis for producing tight oil wells
    • Type well analysis for undeveloped tight oil wells
    • Practical rate-transient analysis (PI-cum) for producing tight oil wells
    • Practice using software such as Spotfire, (ARIES and Harmony were also requested)

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

  • Friday, March 20
    Chevron Short Course Series: Reliability Engineering

    Presented by: Miller Newlon, Aera Energy LLC.

    This course is available for PE Seniors only.

    To sign-up or for more information, please contact Rachel McDonald:

  • Friday, April 10
    PE Distinguished Seminar: Driving Research By Creativiely Asking Questions, Roel Snieder
    Roel Snieder, W.M. Keck Professor of Professional Development Education, Colorado School of Mines

    Abstract: Questions are the prime driver of research because they are invitations to answers. Knowing the main questions to be addressed for a research project is usually not enough because the main question often is too broad to lead to specific actions. In this seminar we discuss the importance of questions in research, different ways to generate research questions, and ways to order questions so that they naturally lead to a workplan for research.


    Roel Snieder holds the W.M. Keck Distinguished Chair of Professional Development Education at the Colorado School of Mines. He received in 1984 a Masters degree in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics from Princeton University, and in 1987 a Ph.D. in seismology from Utrecht University. In 1993 he was appointed as professor of seismology at Utrecht University, where from 1997-2000 he served as Dean of the Faculty of Earth Sciences. Roel served on the editorial boards of 5 scientific journals. In 2000 he was elected as Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. He is author of the textbooks “A Guided Tour of Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences”, “The Art of Being a Scientist”, and “The Joy of Science”that are published by Cambridge University Press. In 2011 he was elected as Honorary Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and in 2014 he received a research award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. In 2016 Roel received the Beno Gutenberg Medal from the European Geophysical Union and the Outstanding Educator Award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. From 2000-2014 he was a firefighter in Genesee Fire Rescue where he served for two years as Fire Chief.

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