Super School
Newly Revamped program – Now hybrid!

Cooperative effort is increasingly important in the petroleum industry as teams of geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and operations personnel work together to solve complex problems. The Petroleum Engineering Summer SuperSchool is an intensive, immersive, program designed to provide the technical fundamentals needed for effective teamwork across the breadth of activities in the upstream petroleum industry. The program is a hybrid of six days of in-person, face-to-face learning coupled together with online modules to be finished individually over a nine-week time frame.

Please visit the SuperSchool website for more information on Summer 2022.

PE Short Courses

We are pleased to offer continuing education short courses to industry personnel. Some of the offered courses include the following:

  • Petroleum Data Analytics: Big Data, Automation, Advanced Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things meets Oil and Gas with instructors Jim Crompton, CSM.
    • This course will take a detailed look at the opportunities, challenges and specific requirements for petroleum data analytics for the energy industry.
    • Please contact Nellie Link if you are interested in having this course at your facility.

Check with Mines’ department of Continuing and Professional Education Services for details on these and other courses.

Chevron Short Course Series

The Chevron Short Course Series provides intensive one- or two-day courses taught by industry professionals in software or skills that will be beneficial to seniors about to enter the workforce. Previous short course topics have included:

  • Data Analytics
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Short Course
  • Real-time Fracture Diagnostic Tool – FracBeat
  • Cementing Technologies and Applications

To sign up or find out more information for upcoming short course topics for the AY of 2021-2022, please contact Rachel McDonald at