Petroleum Engineering

Our mission is to educate engineers for the worldwide petroleum industry at the undergraduate and graduate levels, perform research that enhances the state-of-the-art in petroleum technology and serve the industry and public good through professional societies and public service.


As human standards of living rise for all, so does energy and resource uses. Hydrocarbon energy will continue to dominate the energy usage for at least the first half of this century. In addition, other non-hydrocarbon resource development, such as geothermal, and subsurface resource acquisition and development, will continue to grow in importance.

The PE Department’s vision is to lead the Colorado School of Mines, Colorado, the United States, and the Earth and beyond with the engineering, science, and technology challenges through education, research, development, and management of these resources considering engineering and science integrity, social responsibility, economic effects, ethical constraints, environmental impact, and safety concerns.

Our mission is to provide the skills at the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education levels to serve the world in developing conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources, water resources, and geothermal energy, promoting cutting-edge research to improve resource recovery, advancing technologies to combat environmental problems, such as, carbon sequestration and other earth disposal processes, and fostering socially responsible development of earth’s resources.

In light of our vision and perceived mission, we set our strategic goals as follows:

  • We will educate undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students to be problem solvers based on science and engineering technology.
  • We will innovate, pioneer, and lead in fundamental, long-term research and technology development.
  • We will inform the general public, government and non-government entities, and the news media about the technical issues of socially responsible energy development.
Undergraduate students from the PEGN 311 Drilling class learn how to use a microrig, while Dr. Bill Eustes explains the planned uses for the rig.


CERSE Vision: A world where earth, energy and environment are wisely managed.

CERSE Mission: To improve lives through vibrant and creative science and engineering education, research and global engagement focused on earth’s resources and societal needs