Petroleum Engineering
Program Advisory Board

The Program Advisory Board (PAB) has four important functions: (i) to advise and provide feedback to the Petroleum Engineering program on curriculum, alumni relations and student activities; (ii) to be a resource in enhancing the program through various activities including providing data sets, seminar speakers and field trips; (iii) to help students in finding jobs and internships by bringing additional companies to campus; and (iv) to be a liaison between the petroleum program and upper administration.  The individual members of the PAB also serve on various committees related to these function and meet together as a whole twice a year.

Alumni Survey

Every year the Program Advisory Board of the Petroleum Engineering Department sends a survey to all our alumni in order to gauge a number of educational factors. Please check out the summary of results! These results are analyzed by the board in order to make recommendations for the department.

CSM PE Advisory Board Survey comparison of 2019 and 2020

The Program Advisory Board of the Petroleum Engineering Department would like to hear from you! Please take the spring 2020 survey

CSM PAB Alumni Survey 2020-21

Advisory Board Members

David Bryant
Reservoir Engineering Manager, GOM Unit
BHP Billiton

Kevin Chambers
General Manager, Reservoir Management

David Choi
Completions Engineer
Premier Oilfield Group

Allen Gilmer
Chairman of the Board
Drilling Info

Pat Hogelin

Susan Howes
VP Engineering
Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC

Jessica Iriarte
Research and Development Manager
Well Data Labs

Mohan Kelkar
Williams Endowed Professor
University of Tulsa

Basak Kurtoglu
Senior VP Technical
Quantum Energy

Fersheed Mody
Independent Consultant

Vicky Nielsen
Senior Planning Advisor

Brian Owens
Senior Vice President of the Rockies

James Page
Subsurface Manager DJ Basin Development

Amanda Rebol
Drilling & Completions Manager

Clifford Sanden
Permian East Region Manager

Bill Sanstrom
Global VP

Adam Sayers
President, Founder
Axia Energy

Mark Sonnenfeld
Senior Geoscience Advisor

Barry Thomas
Engineering Career Development Advisor